My interest in psychology developed when I was well into college, after exploring various other career possibilities. After earning a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, I started working as a psychologist and teaching psychology as a college professor. Although I enjoyed my contacts with patients and students, my long-standing fascination with biological science, human anatomy and physiology, and medical illness continued to grow. After working for nearly a decade, I attended medical school and became a physician.

As I made the transition from psychologist to physician, I naturally concentrated on the medical complaints patients presented with when they came for health care. Noticing how stress and lifestyle behaviors affected illness and disease, I became more involved with health psychology, counseling people who were troubled, and teaching about the association between stress, behavior and health. This led to my taking a position on the faculty of the School of Public Health of NY Medical College, where I directed the program in Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion.

In my work with patients I came in contact with people who were frightened about their health and the possibility of having or developing a serious disease. Even when there was no medical evidence to support their fears, these people continued to worry about their health, checking their bodies repeatedly, and asking for reassurance. This is called Health Anxiety — formerly know as Hypochondriasis — and is the first health topic posted on the blog. You can access my blog by clicking on the link above. A more detailed monograph on Health Anxiety can be accessed by clicking on the Monographs link above.

In addition to psychology and medicine I am a sports enthusiast and an avid listener of classical music. As an amateur musician I play the clarinet in small chamber groups.

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